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Ladislav Brázdil Jr.

Head of Sales, Executive

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Elbee is a worldwide unique special vehicle for wheelchair users. The main aim of Elbee development is to grant people bound to a wheelchair the desired - or never known - freedom of movement. 

It is possible to drive an Elbee vehicle whilst sitting in a wheelchair. There's no need to move the driver's seat, so the assistance of another person isn't necessary. 

Elbee can drive on all Europena roads, it has valid homologations for the entire European Union. It's now available in the Czech Republic and in France with other countries soon to follow.

Unique advantages of Elbee:

  • Elbee is driven directly from the wheelchair, without the need to move to the driver’s seat.
  • Any type of a wheelchair can be used – electrical and manual wheelchairs are suitable.
  • Every vehicle is tailor-made to fit the individual needs and wishes of the driver.
  • It can be parked facing the sidewalk, even in a row of cars parked in parallel.
  • It is a two-seat vehicle, a foldable passenger seat is fitted in the rear.
  • It can be driven from 17 years of age, a B1 type of a driver’s license is sufficient in the EU.
  • Its speed of 80 km/h allows you to travel on highways in most of the EU countries.
  • It allows for a range of over 200 km thanks to its low fuel consumption of 4.5 l/100 km.
  • The driver can choose from a wide range of design modifications and optional adaptations.
  • In some countries state funding is available to help financing the purchase and modifications of the vehicle.
  • It grants the handicapped freedom of movement in everyday life