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Handicare Auto (Dk)

Handicare Auto (DK)

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Jesper Skov Rosenbrock

Phone            +45 28 19 96 25 

Email              jsr@handicare.dk 

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Information and Advice Services


Handicare Auto, Denmark is a company with many years of experience in adapting cars and minibuses for different purposes. Handicare Auto has 6 divisions in Denmark, the main division is located in Herning.

Our specialty is adapting vehicles for handicapped people and minibusses for institutional use and taxi minibuses for the combined transportation of wheelchair users as well as people with no physical dysfunctions. We adapt everything from regular cars to touristbuses and develop individual solutions to fit every need.

Our mission and our vision

Our mission is to ensure easy and quick transportation possibilities for physical disabled people. Our vision is to attain a high profile in the national and international marketplace as a well known and professional company which keeps a high focus on service and insight. The strategy we pursue in order to fulfill our mission is to offer flexible solutions, adapted to individual needs. Our philosofi is that everything is possible, no matter if the carconversion is to be used by private car drivers, social institutions or fleetmanagers.

The customer is always at our focus

Knowledge, ergonomics, quality and safety are all keywords which characterises the solutions we can provide to our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. 

High quality products for the international markets

Our expertice in carconversions for the national market has led to the development of our own products as well as exclusive distribution privileges of a well known range of market leading products. Some of the products we got in our productline is Handi Floor, Handi Secure, Handi Lift, Handi HDO, Handi RDO and Schnierle seats. Mounting the Sicom M1 seats and the Handi Secure restraint systems in our Handi Floor, minimizes the need for unnessecary holes in the bottom of the vehicle.

We put a lot of effort in making sure that the products we distribute has a high quality and safety standard, so that we can quarantee our customers an optimal level of security.