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Autoadapt introduces the BraunAbility Q-Series

Almost all lifts on the market today follow a common industry standard set by BraunAbility close to 40 years ago. Over that time our lifts have earned the reputation of being reliable workhorses. However, inboard lifts also ride inside the cabin and honestly, sometimes they're not the best passengers. They can rattle. They can look ugly in nice vans. They can even shift and sway under load while in use.

Having a lift that goes up and down is one thing. We set out to reinvent the wheelchair lift to match the premium experience of modern vehicles. By combining our four decades of experience with human-centered design processes we now proudly present our new BraunAbility Q-Series inboard lifts. The reliability and robustness synonymous with BraunAbility together with a smart design that excels above all others in three dimensions: quiet while driving, structural rigidity, and design aesthetics.


Autoadapt's mission is to be a leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for persons with reduced or limited mobility. Autoadapt - for your independence.

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Included in our corporate group are Autoadapt, BraunAbility, Bruno, Unwin and Foca-Braun.

Autoadapt is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Accredited by SWEDAC as testing laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.