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Autoadapt’s latest swivel seat the Turny Low Vehicle

More options for people with disabilities.

Stenkullen, Sweden, 23 November 2015

Limited mobility used to mean a limited choice of cars. The available models were mostly light commercial vehicles or minivans. With Autoadapt’s latest swivel seat the Turny Low Vehicle, more people get to choose the car they love, not just a car based on their physical needs.

The Turny Low Vehicle lets you sit up front and be an active part of the ride, even drive. From a safety perspective you are also seated as the car designer intended, in a car seat. To facilitate transfers to and from a wheelchair the Turny Low Vehicle can extend the seat cushion 40 centimetres outside the vehicle.

While swivel seats have been around for a long time they have become increasingly hard to fit in modern vehicles. Low roofs and angled door openings have made some sedan type cars nearly impossible to adapt with a swivel seat. The key issue used to be space, specifically the space between the dashboard and the knees.

Hasse Slungare, Autoadapt product designer exemplifies: “In very aerodynamic low built cars getting a seat to swivel in or out is not really the issue. Although having someone over the age of 9 months in that seat used to be somewhat of a challenge. Today we’re able to swivel a very tall person with stiff knees and size 15 shoes inside that very same vehicle. The way the Turny Low Vehicle moves makes the dashboard to knee space a non-issue. In short we’ve made vehicles previously impossible to adapt a viable choice for more people.” 

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Direct link: https://www.autoadapt.com/en/information/news/press/2015/a-step-towards-equality-for-people-with-disabilities/


About Autoadapt AB

Founded in 1996, Swedish Autoadapt is a leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility. Autoadapt offers award-winning and safety-tested solutions, such as the Turny Evo seat lift and the Carony system of transfer wheelchairs.

In addition to the owners Executive Vice President Peter Wahlsten and CEO Håkan Sandberg, Autoadapt is part-owned by Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility, leading manufacturers in the North American vehicle adaptation industry.


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