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Autoadapt`s new business areas

Autoadapt has and always will be a company that designs and manufacture vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility. For the last couple of years we have worked towards the strategic expansion of our business into the professional market. By targeting builders of special vehicles and the OEM bus and coach industry we are able to further our mission to be a leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for persons with reduced or limited mobility.
Serving both the consumer market and the professional market are two very different things. Where the consumer market requires flexibility and adaptability the professional market want products that can be installed in an assembly line with absolutely no need for individual configuration. This example is far from the only differences between the two markets. That is why we decided to divide our sales and support organisations into two different business areas: Autoadapt Consumer and Autoadapt Professional. This will help us meet the demand of each market with a dedicated focus and in the end make us a better supplier. 
Peter Wahlsten
Executive Vice President of Autoadapt