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B&S Autoaanpassing achieves ISO9001 2015 certification

Wednesday 14 December 2016 was a very important day for B&S. We had the final external Audit for the ISO certification according the new ISO 9001.2015 standard. And I am happy to announce that we passed the Audit and have received our new ISO certificate.

We were already certified in the past according to the ISO 9001.2008 standard, but for this re-certification we have deliberately chosen for the new 2015 standard. The most important reason for this, is that the 2015 standard gives you more freedom. Freedom in the sense of that you determine for yourself what is important for your organization, your products and performances. Around this you describe your primary process and your Quality Management system. So now we, more or less can say that this is not priory an ISO system, it is our own Quality Management system. Just imagine a referee in a football match; “ISO 9001.2008 is whistling according to the rules, ISO 9001.2015 is whistling in the spirit of the game”

What might be an interesting issue for the EMG in general is that in the development of our new Quality Management System, the CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 16697.2013, the result of our jointly adopted CAPI-project, played a major role. We have integrated this draft in our Quality Management system and this way the CWA 16697 is the fundament on which we have built our system. As I said before; with the ISO 9001.2015 standard you determine for yourself what is important for your organization and what YOU want to achieve with your Quality Management system. For us, and in my opinion for all companies in our branch, this is very simple:

 “Every car that we convert and will, due too our work, participate in the road traffic has to 100% safe and reliable for the drivers, passengers and all fellow road users in general”.

In fact, this is basically what we all want to do with our companies. And not unimportant, we carry product liability for this. And if we do our job well, we might earn some money as well. The Quality Management system and its primary process has to give a clear working structure to all employees in order to achieve this goal.

If some of you think this might be interesting for your company, or want to know more about how we have handled the certification process, we are open to share our experiences with you.

With best regards,

John Koopman

John Koopman

B&S Autoaanpassing BV.