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Elbee Mobility launches new video

Elbee Mobility is thrilled to introduce to you a long awaited video that will take you behind the scenes and show you the manufacture of the worldwide unique vehicle from the production of the individual parts, through assembly of the vehicle, to the fun and free drive with Elbee. The video is concluded by an interview with happy owners of this innovative Czech vehicle.

This special vehicle consists of over 2,500 parts, out of which 80% is made in-house or in cooperation with a sister company ZLKL that is a great support in production of individual vehicle components. In the video you will see a wide range of technologies used and processes necessary to produce each unit. We also included a breath-taking drive and a few sincere words of satisfied owners of Elbee.

Elbee is a worldwide unique vehicle developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic that changes lives of its owners completely. It gives people freedom of movement, sometimes even never known to them. Jitka from Czech Republic talks very highly about Elbee in her letter of praise to the vehicle manufacturer: “I remember waiting for Elbee to be delivered, it was like waiting for mercy, and its services are invaluable for me. I am extremely happy I could buy it. Now that I can get anywhere I like with Elbee, it means something amazing to me!”

Generally, the most valued advantage is that the owners of Elbee are once again independent in their decisions of when and where to go, not depending on help of others and not being a burden to their close ones. “I appreciate that I can travel, … now I can finally visit my daughter who lives 25 km away. And I can even go further, without having to bother other people.” explains Pascal from France.

Elbee Mobility is therefore taking steps towards expanding on a worldwide scale with Elbee, in accordance with the company goal for all the disabled with a driver’s license to be able to drive this vehicle. The company is trying to maximise the availability of the product through constant vehicle upgrade and extending the sales and service networks. Elbee is today available in 7 countries, customers can purchase the vehicle in the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and very recently also in distant Australia and New Zealand.