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Over 50% of Members of the European Mobility Group (EMG) will be exhibiting at this year’s Rehacare exhibition in Düsseldorf (26-29 September).

The exhibition, considered to be the largest rehabilitation, inclusion and care event in Europe, brings together companies from all over the globe to demonstrate the very latest in developments and technology to aid independent living.

There will be 28 of EMG’s 50 member companies displaying their latest products at the event, ranging from innovations in vehicle adaptations, ramps and restraints to driving aids, hoists and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

EMG is a not-for-profit organisation of leading car adaptation and conversion companies across Europe. The Group’s principal objective is to encourage co-operation between companies involved in providing vehicles and related equipment for people with disabilities. EMG provides information about companies working to the same standards of quality and customer service, so that customers seeking specialists in this sector can be reassured that any company bearing the EMG logo can be trusted to deliver the highest standards of service and expertise. 

EMG President, Campbell McKee, commented: “Our aim is for EMG as a Group to be synonymous with quality, reliability, and after-sales care. Our Members work to the highest levels of quality management systems to ensure that their customers can be confident in their products and service.”

EMG Members can be easily identified at Rehacare by their ‘EMG MEMBER’ posters which will be prominently displayed on their stands.

For further details visit the EMG website at www.mobilitygroup.eu


Notes for editors: European Mobility Group (EMG)
EMG was established 30 years ago by a group of prominent European conversion companies, and now has 50 member companies operating across Europe. EMG is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a hub for European companies in this sector to explore new technological solutions, share knowledge, develop networking opportunities, and to promote higher quality standards.

Its aim is to provide information on companies that all work to the same standards of quality and service, so that anyone looking for specialists in this sector can be reassured that any company bearing the EMG logo can be trusted to deliver the highest standard of service.

EMG is always interested to hear from prospective new members. If you would like to know more about membership, visit www.mobilitygroup.eu, e-mail info@mobilitygroup.eu

EMG – setting the standards in vehicle adaptations

EMG Secretariat
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EMG Members at Rehacare 2018:

Allied Mobility

AMF Bruns GmbH




Autolift Srl

B-style & Flex-i-Trans

Bever Car Products

B&S Autoaanpassing BV

Bozzio AG

Dahl Engineering

Focaccia Group Srl


Hurt sro

Kirchhoff Mobility

Langhøj Live APS

Lodgesons Ltd

Mobilitatsmanufaktur Kadomo GmbH

Mobility Networks (Holdings) Ltd

Morice Constructeur

Paravan GmbH


Sojadis Equipement Sarl

Tripod Mobility BV

Vapor Ricon Europe Ltd

Veigel GmbH

WS Mobility (Star Mobility)

Zawatzky Mobilcenter GmbH


(28 members)