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Hurt s.r.o. Launches New Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Steering Wheel Spinner Knob with TÜV Report

Hurt s.r.o, vehicle adaptation specialist from the Czech Republic, is delighted to announce a new steering wheel spinner knob which has been tested to the highest safety standards.

Because of the requirements of national legislation, we have made full legalization of the use of the steering wheel spinner knob. The knob was tested in the TÜV laboratory to verify the safety of our product. The test consisted in the activation of the airbag to the least favorable steering wheel shape on the market.

Our steering wheel attachments are of high quality design. We manufacture them ourselves. Components are made of solid materials and rotation is secured by two bearings, so attachment will never jam and the safety of the product for the user is guaranteed.

The ball (knob) is quick-release from the collar.
We deliver the knob in two heights of the ball - 4 and 6 cm.

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