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Let’s Hook Up! - Autoadapt presents the Unwin Hook

For safety reasons Unwin has always stated that a hook can never be as secure as a karabiner. The reason is that a traditional hook might come loose after the initial impact where a karabiner won’t.

This strategy has worked very well in the UK market where the -majority of wheelchair tie-downs makes use of the karabiner. The rest of the world have been somewhat reluctant to use a karabiner, mainly because they are used to a hook. In order to meet the demands of the market, our engineers at Unwin have now come up with a design that will transfer many of the safety benefits of the Unwin Karabiner to a hook.

What’s the Catch?

A standard hook is basically a bent bar and then used for numerous appli-cations in various markets or sectors. The Unwin Hook is an engineered solution specifically designed to be part of a tie-down system for wheelchairs. It is forged in the same aluminium as our Karabiner, a material that has proven its worth for many years.

Perhaps the most visual designs of the Unwin Hook compared to other hooks is the "accidental release node” a small bump at the tip of the hook, which helps keep the hook in place after the initial impact. Sort of like the barb on a fishing hook.

The Unwin Hook is also dipped in the same plastic dip as the Unwin Karabiner in order to protect the wheelchair frame from scratches and markings.

The hook is of course ISO 10542 compliant and tested as part of an entire assembly i.e. webbing, retractor and hook.

For more information contact your Autoadapt sales representative. For orders contact export@unwinsafety.com