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PARAVAN Space Drive II - wheelchair operates a vehicle

Are you parked in and drive a wheelchair? You don’t have to be ...  With the latest drive-by- wire technology, a small wireless module and a Bluetooth connection is in operation on the Swabian Alb in Aichelau (Germany) where a wheelchair operator can use their joystick on the chair to drive their vehicle from the parking space and across the company parking lot - without having a driver in the car.  

This creative vehicle operation shows how flexible the Space Drive II digital driving and steering system from Paravan works.  If the operator wants, the vehicle can even be driven using the iPhone-App which is operated through gyro steering.  Additional functions such as a sliding door and the PARAVAN cassette lift can be operated as well.  The Space Drive system is certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and provides the basis for PARAVAN to use this key technology in the autonomous and semi-autonomous driving vehicle.

View the video here.

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