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Quality seal for PARAVAN’s conversion of the Mercedes-Benz V-class for people with disabilities

Mercedes-Benz Vans issues the certificate of non-objection in Europe for V-class

Complete solution of vehicle conversion including digital steering and driving system SPACE DRIVE II

At the international event of Mercedes-Benz Vans it was announced that, following intensive and extensive tests on the converted V-class, Mercedes had issued a certificate of non-objection to PARAVAN for the complete vehicle conversion and is acknowledged in Europe.

The innovative special conversion includes our PARAVAN cassette lift, the alterations to the interior to get it barrier-free, the PARAVAN docking station and also our drive-by-wire system SPACE DRIVE II. Mercedes-Benz Vans and PARAVAN will jointly offer the mobility concept in future as a serial recommendation based on dual-invoice transactions.

This quality seal is an important milestone supporting our philosophy to offering individual mobility solutions and to achieving more independence and more life quality for disabled people.

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