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The new AMF-Bruns PROTEKTOR HD160

Increased weight requirements for electric wheelchairs and wheelchair users have created the need for a new wheelchair restraint system for heavier loads. AMF-Bruns developed the new Protektor PlatinumSeries after intensive crash tests indicated the need for more durable retractors. The PlatinumSeries is a heavy duty 4 point wheelchair retractor system for wheelchairs and occupants. This wheelchair restraint system can support loads up to 160 kg (also for wheelchairs with integrated lap belt) – creating a new level of security!

The PROTEKTOR HD 160 is compatible with all wheelchairs and vehicles and is equipped with loop, hook or carabiner, which ensure a safe connection between wheelchair and vehicle. Of course, the PlatinumSeries fulfills all relevant directives like ISO 10542 and DIN 75078 with integrated lap belt.