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Zawatzky presents the new modification of the VW Bus T6 with lowered floor at Rehacare

With the new CenterVan VW T6 built by the company Zawatzky wheelchair users will arrive comfortable and safe to their destination/target.

The CenterVan VW T6 is a special reconstructed VW-Bus for drivers and passengers. As driver behind the steering wheel- and as passenger on the front passenger seat.

The base car is the current VW Bus T6 with its unusual space and its multiple ride qualities.

The reconstruction is done by the Meckesheimer (Germany) company Zawatzky. The car reconstruction can be very diverse and perfect for the needs of a wheelchair user. The expert knowledge with reconstructing cars for disabled people and the german high class workmanship by the company Zawatzky guarantees an easy handling, a high comfort and a maximum of safety.

In comparison to the former used Chrysler/Lancia the reconstruction of the CenterVan VW T6 was improved.

  • The floor plate was lowered to one level starting from the rear seats up to underneath the pedal. By doing so we achieved about 10 cm higher and larger interior space in comparison to the standard vehicle. The interior space now measures 147 cm which most electric wheelchair users need.
  • The entry level now measures 10 cm higher with reconstruction of the lower floor and is very generous and comfortable for the entry of electric wheelchair users. The entry height is 135cm.
  • The entry into the vehicle occurs with an underfloor lift and lifts the wheelchair user to the level of the interior floor. The entry onto the underfloor lift is easy because the platform has nearly the same level than the street.
  • All necessary adaptations for either activ driver or passenger are possible. The vehicle can individually be modified for the requirements of user.
  • Electronic steering system Joystick, brakes, accelerates electronic or mechanic with hand or feet is possible to allow paralyzed people and people with a muscle dystrophy independent driving. The car can be equipped with an unique voice control “CenterVoice” for functions like turn signals, light, horn and windscreen wiper.

The CenterVan VW T6 is an elegant, comfortable and proven vehicle. Company Zawatzky recommends the Multivan Trendline attachment. This version includes important details as standard equipment.

Furthermore wishes like car height improvement, the air suspension of a vehicle or rear view camera can be fulfilled by Zawatzky.

The safety is secured by extensive certification from TÜV or other technical organizations.



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