A hub of vehicle adaptation information across Europe

What is the EMG?

EMG – a hub of vehicle adaptation information across Europe

The European Mobility Group is a not-for-profit organisation of leading car adaptation and conversion companies across Europe. The EMG’s principal objective is to encourage cooperation between companies involved in providing vehicles and related equipment for people with disabilities. EMG provides information about companies working to the same standards of quality and customer service, so that customers seeking specialists in this sector can be reassured that any company bearing the EMG logo can be trusted to deliver the highest standard of service and expertise. 

Member companies share their knowledge of customer needs, and develop innovations and technical solutions together. Formed in 1987, EMG now has around 50 Member Companies across Europe and neighbouring countries, who collectively supply over 20,000 adapted and converted vehicles each year.

We are always interested to hear from prospective new members – if your company would like to know more about membership, please contact info@mobilitygroup.eu