Bozzio AG

Bozzio AG developped, produces sells the joysteer System, enables people with handicapps to drive a car on their own.

What is joysteer?

  • Steer- and brake system for people with physical handicaps

  • 100% drive-by-wire system

  • High safety standard

System TÜV approved according ECE-R 13H and ECE-R 79

Double redundant system

System according ASIL D (safety integrity level 3)

EMC tested (E24 certified)

Climate tested according ISO 16750


  • Wide range of input devices   (MMI‘s: Men machine interfaces)

  • Integrated active force-feedback

Intuitive use, easy learning, relaxed and safe driving

  • Easy to install  

dismounting of the steering column is not needed

  • Adaptive Software

Full parameterization

Fully speed dependence (force feedback, steering angle…)

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