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VMI, a leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), will be the sole provider of Mobility Networks’ global products for WAVs now sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Under the agreement, VMI will offer Mobility Networks’ leading products for installation on many of the most popular vehicles on the road today for both consumer and commercial applications, including the Dodge Promaster and Ford Transit full-size vans. Customers will be able to order products for installation on vehicles shipped from VMI’s factory locations in Tucker, GA and Clarkston, MI.

PSA Group recently introduced a Quality Certificate. After performing the audit and the assessment, AMF-Bruns has been honored with the Quality Certificate on the highest level 3.

As another milestone in quality policy, we are now certified by the PSA Group for our complete range of PSA vehicles.

AMF-Bruns is now certified by all vehicle manufacturers and received the certificates on the highest level of qualification. With Mercedes-Benz we did as well the next step and became a general contractor!

OEM Certification Programs: