Pimas Orthopedie

Since more than 35 years, Pimas installs and adapts the vehicles of people with reduced mobility. We provide products which help the customer in driving his vehicle, in wheelchair loading help systems, in the transfer…

We have a network of 49 dealers in France, Corsica, and French overseas departments and territories. We have 2 branches in Toulouse and Aubagne, near Marseille, which permits closeness between the customer and the closest dealer.

Since 2012, we have a partnership with Europ Assistance. Every customer can benefit of the Assistance Club Pimas card which permits his car to be taken and fixed to the closest Pimas dealer. This assistance is available 7d/7 and 24h/24 wherever the customer is.

Our experience in the handicap sector and our narrow relations with partners prestigious manufacturers (PSA group, BMW-Mini) allow us to answer all your expectations as well if it is a standard product or a specific adaptation.

Since December 2003, Pimas is ISO-certified 9001 in the installation and the adaptation of vehicles for disabled people. This standard confirms the quality of our services and products to customers for years.

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Toni Masapollo

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Adaptations Offered

Disabled Drivers
Driving/function controls – Manual
Driving/function controls – Electronic
Advanced driving systems
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Wheelchair user as passenger
Supplier or Manufacturer
Passenger lifts
Wheelchair Hoists
Wheelchair Tie-down systems
Seating systems
Flooring systems
Powered door systems
Manual Wheelchairs
Wheelchair stowage
Powered Wheelchairs
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Information and Advice Services