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Welcome to Europe’s leading manufacturer of Dual Controls for Driving School Vehicles and of Vehicle Adaption Solutions for People with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility. As a company with more than 100 years of tradition, we are dedicated to providing new automotive mobility solutions that meet our customers'​ needs whilst providing the highest of quality standards , value, service and customer satisfaction. All of our automotive mobility solutions aim to enable people to lead autonomous and self-determined lives. It is within our mission, to continue to further develop our products and services as well as to discover new possibilities where others only see limits

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Adaptations Offered

Disabled Drivers
Driving/function controls – Manual
Driving/function controls – Electronic
Advanced driving systems
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Wheelchair user as passenger
Supplier or Manufacturer
Wheelchair Hoists
Seating systems
Powered door systems
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Information and Advice Services