Welzorg Auto op Maat

Welzorg Auto op Maat is a company with four branches/oulets and 41 employees, each one of them a specialist in the field of car adaptations with excellent technical knowledge, both in car engineering and ergonomics.

Welzorg Auto op Maat developed a number of unique and innovative systems, such as the 4F-Joystick steering ® and hydraulic brake system, which have found their way not only into the Dutch market but also into the European market for a long time. Welzorg Auto op Maat has also continued to give driving lessons to disabled people: the high quality driving school has always remained part of the company.

Welzorg Auto op Maat is familiar with a great diversity of adaptations, such as: 

hydraulic brake systems and / or alternative modes of brake operation various ways of operating the accelerator and the brakes of course steering can take place by means of the steering wheel, but also with the feet or a tactile joystick` developed by the company itself (4F-Joystick steering ®) Electronics can take over the usage of indicators, windscreen wipers, hand break or automatic gear levers in such a way that they can be utilised by means of one or two buttons wheelchair lifts and other aids, such as boot lifts for storing wheel chairs, ramps and also car adaptations to make them suitable for transporting people in wheel chairs special adaptable car seats,  lengthening of carriages, seatlifts or revolving seats. Welzorg Autoaanpassingen is also an official dealer of Recaro, ASS and Scheel car seats, delivery vans and lorries.

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