BraunAbility Introduces the E-Series Folding Platform

As the name suggests, this platform type folds horizontally when stowed. 

This effectively makes a long platform, short when stowed and thereby making it possible to install in a vehicle with a low roof

A folding platform is useful for longer mobility devices that need the extra platform space, such as scooters and power chairs.

Another use of the folding design is to keep stowed platform below the rear window. This way the vehicle's driver and passengers can have an unblocked view through the window.

Please Note: The E-Series Folding lift will be built to standard with the pump module on the right side of the vehicle. To clarify, this is when the lift is viewed from the outside of the vehicle.

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Movable Pump Module

A new feature of the BraunAbility E-series folding wheelchair lifts is the movable pump module.

A movable pump module gives you more flexibility in accommodating for tight installs or customer-specific requests.

Moving the pump module from left to right or vice versa requires no extra parts and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

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Platform Light Kit Option

Also available is a new platform Light Kit option.

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