New branding for Pimas

As part of its national and international development strategy Pimas has decided to modernize its logo in order to reinforce its notoriety and to comply with its signature:


The automotive world is changing at a fast pace. We observe a trend to simplification for a better brands visibility. It is no longer a question of shine, reflections and shadow effects, but of pure letters and shapes.

Within this new trend and animated by a desire to create a strong identity on the market, PIMAS has modified its logo while maintaining the graphic codes that are the origin of the brand:

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • The "P" with its horizontal bar that crosses it and has always been the sign of recognition of this logotype.
  • The brand signature "Always one step ahead" that illustrates Pimas desire to innovate, both in its products and in its business strategy.
  • To further support this strategy and enrich this new logo, a blue horizontal bar has been added in the "A" in line with the "P". 

As you will have understood, it is a new breath on our communication and our business strategy that comes to life.

The organization of our first digital event with our partners is another example (look out for information about this!)

We are proud of the progress made and we look forward to continuing, more than ever with you all, this beautiful journey.