In 2019 the Volkswagen Transporter, also known as Caravelle or Multivan, received a facelift. The gear selector for the automatic gearbox was completely redesigned. For this new gear selector we developed a solution to operate it by push buttons.

Different configurations make it possible to change gears with the Bever Keypad or with your own switches. Even manual gear change (+/-) to drive it safely in the mountains is integrated in this solution. 

For non-disabled drivers the vehicle can also still be used with the OEM gear selector.

Veigel Automotive have been busy making their own face shields for their team members to wear. They quickly realised that community or medical masks were very frustrating to wear for long periods of time. Cheap face shields available online are very poor quality their employees became dizzy due to the low quality PET screens which are used. So the company decided to use their 3D printer to make their own high quality FaceShields.