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A new guide from the French Ministry of Transport on the use of wheelchairs in vehicles has been produced by EMG Member ACA France. In addition, other EMG Members Morice Constructeur (France) and Dahl Engineering (Denmark) and also acknowledge as contributors to the guide.


EMG President Campbell McKee recently took part in a Podcast hosted by Ed Bernardon, Vice President, Strategic Automotive Initiatives, Siemens Digital Industries Software (USA), also with Ann Frye, Director, Ann Frye Ltd, expert and consultant on mobility for people with disabilities and accessible transport. Ed Bernardon is known to EMG as a former guest Speaker at the 2018 AGM on the topic of the future car.

Arild Saastad

In the recent years focus on emission from vehicles got extensive focus in the Automotive industry, one result of this focus is the change from diesel and petrol engines to Electric vehicles. Effects on this focus between European countries has been diversified, mostly due to different tax systems and incentives in each country.