BraunAbility introduces the Turny Evo BIS

BraunAbility Tuny Evo Bis

The Turny Evo BIS is a kit solution consisting of the Turny Evo, their seat with an integrated belt and a vehicle-specific mounting bracket.

BraunAbility have always taken safety seriously. They were among the first in our industry to perform crash tests and pull tests of their products and the Turny Evo is no exception. The Turny Evo is already built to withstand far more than the motor industry standard. However, the forces that must be stopped by the Turny Evo when using a seat with an integrated belt far exceeds those when the belt is attached in the car’s B or C pillar.

BraunAbility recently rolled out a series of performance enhancements to their Turny Evo seat lift. The most noticeable of these is that the Turny Evo is now capable of withstanding the forces required to pass a crash test when combined with their BIS seat.

As an installer, this kit will save you time and give you peace of mind. With the Turny Evo BIS, you get a test approved kit solution that comes with all the paperwork required by road authorities and car inspection agents.

The Turny Evo BIS is available for:

• Ford Tourneo Custom

• Mercedes-Benz V-Class

• Volkswagen T6

• Volkswagen T5

More vehicles to come ...

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